Cova Orgaz works on its own sculpture with reused cardboard. She exhibits in galleries, builds live sculpture in national festivals and teaches her own technique in schools and museums.

“I am touched by how emotional a frozen act is, the perceived movement, the paralyzed and immortalized facial expression. I am attracted to the physicality of the gesture. This is why I dedicate myself to figurative sculpture, specifically to animals. Being able to copy its rounded shapes, its movements, the weight of a polar bear walking or the frown of an ape. That’s what moves me. Over time, I have decoupled from the most rigorous fidelity of a copyist, to give more prominence to the expressive load, and the material collaborates. The reused cardboard provides its own personality and decides for itself where it wants to bend and where it wants to obey. The final finish is an impressive sculpture, very emotional, with a very urban aspect and ecological awareness. Art that feeds on what was already used and nobody wanted to use it again.

«For building my sculpture, I only use a photograph, from just a view and with a posture that I like. I never make sketches, prototypes, nor volume models. My work is direct and clean. I build and correct on the way ”